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The recovery cabin detoxifies the deep tissue and eminently resets the body and the mind. The recovery cabin is a must for people that want to get detoxed and get their health to the best achievable level. Since recent years, pollution is the most significant threat to our salubrity and our overall well-being. Air pollution, unhealthy food, medication, chronic stress, polluted water, radiation and noise disturbance are all kind of factors that negatively influence our overall health. The Recovery cabin can help your body to deal with these problems.


5 sessions


Pure prevention consists of the optimization of our circadian clock. Multiple processes in our body are controlled and managed by our circadian clock. Therefore; the circadian clock is essential for the human body. A circadian rhythm is a biological rhythm which has a cycle of approximately 24 hours, within this period there are multiple points of time where a specific action such as eating or learning can be executed the most efficient way. When your innerly clock is working optimal, your body and mind will be in perfect balance.


3 sessions


The main goal with pure fit is the optimization of the metabolism. The optimization directly leads to a loss in weight. The metabolism is the name for the process that takes care of the supply and the abduction of nutrients, this process creates energy. After surgery, for example; knee's or legs, many people are experiencing stiffness caused by heaped scar tissue. The Pure Fit program is ideal for people that are suffering an injury, this treatment can be done during and after the illness process and stimulates recovery.

€ 300,=

5 sessions


The unique far-infrared radiant heat improves blood flow, oxygen supply, and metabolism. The intense depth effect from the infrared heat causes three skin layers to be heated, which also results in a more efficient process of abducting bodily waste. The production of collagen and elastin are stimulated by the use of the far-infrared radiant heat, this eventually results in an improved elasticity of the skin. The skin gets more energy from the body and restores more easily, it also decreases the change of wrinkles. All these factors combined result in a better-looking skin and overall appearance.

€ 300,=

5 sessions



Nosodes are a homeopathic remedy that is composed out of infected discharges from a specific disease. A nosode contains information about the disease but also provides insight regarding the reaction of the human body towards the illness. Nosodes apply to multiple diseases such as Pfeiffer, Lyme, Whooping cough, Q fever, RS-virus, and Chickenpox. The influence of these diseases on the human body is underestimated. These intoxications can cause chronic illness when not being approached with the right amount of care.

5x puur detox
2x nsoden therapie


Self-hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness that can be defined as an increased state of concentration (trance). Self-hypnosis enables you to change your usual thinking pattern and your habits. Self-hypnosis is an effective way to get rid of bad habits and to get more control over your mental state, it also enables you to destress and relax. Self-hypnosis is similar to meditation, it will tell you more about yourself.


3x pure prevention
2x self-hypnosis


Do you want to gain stamina while at the same time lose some weight? When the body is detoxifying, some extra physical effort can contribute to achieving your goal!

Besides BOX-fit it is also possible to choose yoga, both are given in a one-on-one session.

€ 500,=
5x pure fit
5x yoga or 


Every human body cell contains a small blue core, this core includes specific blue energy. With meditation in the recovery cabin, the blue cores are reactivated, this process delivers a lot of energy. The released energy is responsible for creating enthusiasm, more oxygen in the blood, and lastly, it creates a healthier-looking appearance.

€ 500,=

5x Natural beauty

3x meditation